Best Knife Grinders: Top Belt Sanders Used for Knife Making of 2020

A good sharp knife can make a real difference between the best and the worse. Even though knife making is not as much famous as it was decades ago, still it is a favorite hobby worldwide. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, you always need a good grinding and sanding tool for sharpening the knife and making it like a new. Today, I will provide the details of the best grinders as well as best belt sanders for knife making. Though both of them have similar functionalities and features, they differ in some aspects that only an expert can define. We will discuss the difference between knife grinders and belt sanders later. Let’s move on to the most sought products now.

Best Knife Grinders

Best Knife Grinders

1. WEN 4276 6” Bench Grinder with Flexible Work Light

WEN 4276This 6-inch regular speed grinder from Wen is one of the most selling units for knife making. It is the perfect companion for any professional or home DIYer for sharpening the knife blades, cleaning them, and deburring the ragged edges. It will deliver steady speed and smooth performance for all your grinding tasks at home or workshop.

Features of WEN 4276 Knife Making Grinder are:

  • It comes with a flexible work light which will deliver enough light to do your job precisely.
  • The powerful 2.1A motor starts quickly and generates the power for 3450 rotations per minute.
  • The included protective eye guards will protect your eyes from the debris and sparks while using the tool.
  • This machine comes with two 6” by 3/4” wheels & a 60-grit wheel for general grinding tasks and a coarse 36-grit wheel for the speedy removal of the material.
  • The heavy-duty base of the machine keeps it steady while operating and allows a fast & safe mounting.
  • It has an adjustable tool rests which will help you to support the blades and bits for an accurate knife making.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty and friendly customer support.


2. DEWALT DW758 8” Bench Grinder for Knife Making

DEWALT DW758The DW758 from DEWALT is an 8-inch grinder for knife making. It is a little larger than the other 6-inch grinders available in the market. As like the other DEWALT tools, this knife making grinder provides the real value for the money. Its heavy-duty operating skills makes it perfect for all types of grinding tasks.

Features of DEWALT DW758 Grinder are:

  • Its 3/4 HP induction motor generates 3600 round per minute power for the industry matching grinding performance.
  • The cast iron made rugged base offers durability and stability of the machine.
  • The distance of 12-1/2-inch between the wheels helps for the easy and quick process for bigger grinding tasks.
  • It has an adjustable guard which offers tool-free quick installation process.
  • It comes with an aluminum material tool rest for an accurate position of the object.
  • DEWALT company provides a three-year limited warranty and one-year free service contract for the product.


3. Grizzly G9717 6-inch Knife Grinder

Grizzly G9717Grizzly provides this fantastic and affordable grinder for the people in the business of knife making. You can mount it on the workbench or the optional stand whatever you feel convenient as a working space. It is one of the best knife making grinders for the basic to mid-range tasks at home.

Features of Grizzly G9717 Grinding Tool are:

  • It is a single phase 110V industrial grinding machine which comes with a 1/2-inch arbor.
  • The adjustable tool rests help you to get a precise sharpening operation on the knives and other objects.
  • The TEFC 1/3 HP induction motor starts quickly and generates 3450 rounds per minute (60HZ cycle) continuously throughout the day.
  • It has 30-grit and 60-grit wheels for general purpose grinding and material removing.
  • Grizzly provides a one-year warranty for this tool.


4. Skill Saw belt grinder for knife making

Skill Saw belt grinder

The Skill Saw knife grinder has a cast base iron that reduces the vibrations during the work process. It is an ideal tool for sharpening, grinding, and shaping your knives. Apart from this, the user also gets a three-year benchtop warranty on 3o days of purchase. The rubber feet feature maintains a grip and stability to the machine and helps you to perform the work accurately. 

Features of Skill Saw belt grinder for knife making are:

  • This bench grinder has inbuilt work lights for knife making. 
  • It can perform smooth roughed chisel edges, sharpen knives and drill bits too. 
  • It has a 2.1 amp motor along with a medium and coarse wheel grinder. 
  • The safety features are also commendable and genuinely efficient. 
  • It has a 6-inch bench grinder that has eye shields and cast iron base that can mount easily on benchtops.
  • The wheel diameter is 6 inches; wheel facing is ½ inches, shaft diameter is ½ inches, and such other interesting technical specs. 
  • The built-in work light makes it convenient for the users to work under every situation. 
  • It grinds down medium and coarse wheels. 
  • Also, it has an adjustable tool rest for accurate grinding. 
  • There are eye shields on both sides for the safety of the user to work more efficiently and quickly.

5. Professional Knife Sharpener

Professional Knife Sharpener

This professional knife sharpener is from Allwin-Houseware and is used professionally by millions. This knife sharpener pursuits high-quality blades and body with the practical concept of sharpening knives. Allwin-Houseware products never disappoint you and favor the customer’s condition. They simply define the meaning of simple and practical need of houseware tools used in daily living.

Features of Professional Knife Sharpener are:

  • It sharpens almost every type of knives like kitchen knives, sporting, household, and small pocket knives too. 
  • It has a diamond surface preparation for repairing the damaged blades. 
  • It can efficiently straighten the blades before sharpening. 
  • It is made of Tungsten steel that sharpens the blade and restores the edges back to sharp in a V shape. 
  • The ceramic stone polishes the blade once it is sharpened and equalize the surface if any irregularity is left. 
  • This tool has a non-slip handle designed in a way to maintain the grip and fit your hand without any struggle.


6. WEN 6502 Belt and Disc Sander

WEN 6502The WEN 6502 is a two-in-one machine that comes with a 4” x 36” belt and a 6” x 6” disc. If you need a reliable and versatile belt knife sander, then this tool is perfect for you. With the help of it, you can sand any workpiece you want.

Features of WEN 6502 6” Disc and Belt Sander are:

  • Its 4.3A motor generates 3600 RPM power to finish the sanding job quickly and efficiently.
  • You can tilt the adjustable belt from an o-degree to 90-degree.
  • The cast iron base is sturdy and eliminates the heavy vibrations during use.
  • It comes with a tension release lever which helps you to change the sandpaper grits quickly & easily.
  • It has an 80-grit sanding belt and an 80-grit sanding disc.
  • An attached 2.5-inch dust collection port makes the cleaning task easy and convenient.
  • The company provides a two-year warranty for the product.


7. Grizzly H6070 Belt and Disc Sander for Knife Making

Grizzly H6070This combination of disc and belt sander from Grizzly is one of the most sought knife making machines today. The H6070 tool from Grizzly comes with impressive features to deliver a variety of needs. Even though it can replace your previous similar devices quite comfortably, it is available at a reasonable price which is one of the top selling points of the product.

Features of Grizzly H6070 5” Disc and Belt Sander are:

  • It has a 110V single phase 1/3 HP motor which generates power of 3450 rounds per minute.
  • You can tilt both the disc and belt up to 45-degrees for comfortable use.
  • It comes with a removable belt platen and a roller guard to help you change the attachments quickly.
  • The table size of the disc sander is 4” by 7-5/16” and the table size of the belt sander is 5-1/8” by 5-1/8”.
  • This tool comes with two dust ports with a size of 1-3/4” for each. It helps you to finish your cleaning task quickly and conveniently.
  • The company provides a one-year warranty for the parts and labor.


Choosing the best knife grinder

If you know the needs and what to look for, then the picking of the ideal grinder for knife making is an easy task. Analyze what types of knives you will be using and how often you may have to use the knife making belt sander for sharpening it. Then check the belt size, framing, speed, tracking, dust collection feature, ease of operation, gripping, the power of the motor, and at the last price of the machine. If it is not possible to check all these factors, go through the user reviews for the particular product, and you will surely get the right grinder for knife making with ease.

Let me know which knife grinder you will choose for your needs? Are you a professional or a DIYer? How do you use the knife sharpening tool? How well does it perform for you? Share your thoughts here and if you have any suggestions or input, then don’t wait to visit the contact page.

How to Sharpen a Knife With a Grinder

A bench grinder is a powerful and useful tool for anyone who is intending to work with woods and knife repair. It has a grinding wheel that rotates at a very high speed and can trim off pieces of wood, plastic, or even metals. Not only for grinding, but it can also sharpen the blades of all kinds. Many professional knife sharpeners use a bench grinder to explore their creative skills. 

Buying a new blade is expensive if compared to getting a knife blade sharpened. With the help of a grinder, you can sharpen any knives for as many times you want. Even if you are a chef and your various knives cost you several thousand dollars, you can use the grinder as a boon. 

Here are some tips to get perfectly sharpened edge of a blade using a bench grinder.

  • VICE: You may think that it is a good idea to use a vice because of the high speed of a bench grinder. But, you should never use a clamp. It will mostly keep the blade in one place, but after that, it may change the alignment. Sharpening a knife is not a linear process.
  • ANGLE: Do not sharpen a blade with its side flush against the grinder. Many people make a mistake by keeping the edge flat on the bench grinder wheel. It can make the blade shine but can’t make it sharp. So, always maintain the angle towards the grinding wheel to get a sharp edge of the blade.
  • MOVEMENT: Most flat knife blades have a curvature. So, always follow the natural curve of the blade while using the bench grinder.

Tip: Always wear protective gear while sharpening the knives. Keep your eyes and hands covered with quality protectors while operating the grinding or sanding machine.

Thank you!