Belt Grinder vs Belt Sander – Difference Between Top Sharpening Tools

Belt Grinder vs Belt Sander

Many tools are available in the market to sharpen many tools such as knives, metals, etc. With many options available two tools are quite favorable for sharpening the tools: one is the belt grinder or also known as a bench grinder. The other one is a belt sander. These names and tools may seem similar, but both these tools have differences and are used for sharpening different types of machines. To understand the differences better we will first understand the key features of both the sharpening tools and then proceed with the differences in both the machines. For knowing it all read this article on Belt Grinder vs Belt Sander.

Belt grinder/ Bench grinder

Belt Grinder

Belt grinders are used for the process of belt grinding in many industries. Belt grinding is the last and an essential step for grinding the metals. The belt grinders are the machines that have straps coated with abrasive metals. The belt grinder is also known as bench grinder because it can be mounted on a desk or bench and then used for grinding the metals. The belt grinder consists of two stone wheels on either side of the engine and a belt that is made of metal. Belt grinders can be used making the surfaces clean, and it gives a concave finish to the metal.

Belt sander

Belt sander

A belt sander is an equipment used for shaping and finishing materials. It machine is made up of two pulleys, sander belt and an engine. This belt is used for sanding the non-metals. The size of the sandpaper grit can be decided by the material that is to be smoothened. There are smaller coarser grits such as 40,80, or 100 that can be used in the initial process of sanding down the material. A belt sander comes in different sizes, and a small belt sander can be mounted on the bench. The sander can be moved onto the material that is mounted on the bench, or the material is moved on the sander belt. Bench senders are needed to be mounted on the desk to sand the material. There are disc sanders in the stationary belt sanders.

Belt Grinder vs Belt Sander

 Belt SanderBelt Grinder
The belt sander is used in removing scuffs from the material.Belt grinder is used in grinding the surface of the materials.
A belt sander is used for sanding mostly wooden material.Belt grinder is used for grinding the metals for industrial purposes.
Belt sander has a rotating sander belt that is made up of sandpaper.This equipment has a belt of abrasive metal that helps in grinding the metal.
It can be used for removing non-ferrous elements down such as aluminium from the wood or other material.It is used for getting the desired finish in a metal.
It is used for making the surface and the edges smooth.It is used in sharpening the material.
Sander can only be used to do the sanding process for wooden and other non-metal materials.Large blades or knives can be sharpened with the help of a grinder.

So after knowing how the belt grinders and belt sanders work, we have conclusions:

  • Belt grinders are useful for sharpening large blades or any metal surface due to its metal coating on the belt. The different grits for the belts should be selected on the basis of the metals that are to be sharpened. Belt grinders can also be used to grind the small pocket knives. Heavy metal blades can also be sharpened with the help of a belt grinder.
  • Belt sanders are more useful for sanding the paint or rough area on the wooden or non-metal material. It can be used to give the final shape and finishing to the non-metal materials.

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  1. My husband wants to open an industrial knife factory when he saves up enough money for it. Thanks for mentioning that grinding machines are going to help him get the desired finish that he wants for his future products. I think that I’ll suggest to him that he gets one from a good company so that he’ll be able to produce quality knives one day.

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