Best granite polishing pads – top recommendation for granite buffing pads

Best granite polishing pads

Polishing is one of the processes that help in achieving the finesse in work. And although many surfaces need to be polished to get that glossier finish, people often struggle with polishing granite as one needs to be careful while doing it. The real beauty of the granite lies in its cutting and polished edges. And although you need to have some basic knowledge about the process and the techniques, you also need to invest in the right tools.

Polishing pads are a must for buffing or polishing the surfaces with sanders and grinders. Having the ideal diamond polishing pads helps in achieving the shiny finish. These polishing pads are generally made with diamond powder that aids in achieving the excellent polish finish. Now that you know that these polishing pads can help you get that ultimate professional finish to your granite stone let’s check out the top-rated and best granite polishing pads. 

Best granite polishing pads

1. STADEA granite buffing padsSTADEA granite buffing pads

The first option on this list is this pack of seven 4 inches diamond pads along with one backer pad. It is an ideal granite polishing kit as it includes one piece each of different grits such as 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, and 300. The pads offer an optimal RPM of 2200 and have the maximum capacity of 2400 RPM. Depending upon your work, you can use the polishing pad of the preferable grit to get polish the granite. This kit is a steal at a price it comes for and can be used for concrete floor polishing, quartz edge polishing, etc. 

  • The granite polishing pads are suitable for both types of polishing – wet and dry.
  • These buffing pads also work well on concrete, marble, stones, glass, and more.
  • Using these pads on stone surfaces can give a shiny finish to it after polishing it.
  • One can quickly identify the pads of different grits due to the color-coded velcro.
  • The lower grit is suitable for dry grinding, and all the pads give a high gloss finish.
  • The buyers are not happy with their performance when it comes to quartz polishing.


2. SPTA Diamond Granite Polishing Pads SetSPTA Diamond Granite Polishing Pads Set

If you are particularly looking to invest in a granite polishing pads kit, this option will also be suitable for you. This kit includes fourteen pieces of polishing pads of different grits right from 50 to 6000, along with a loop backing pad and one hook piece. All the polishing pads are 4 inches in diameter and come with a color-coded velcro for quick identification. The pads are made using diamond powder and resin powder, which makes it efficient and durable. These polishing pads can work with optimal RPM 2200 and a maximum of 12000 RPM. 

  • The granite polishing pads in this kit are sharp and highly efficient in polishing the surface.
  • It is suitable for polishing granite, concrete, stone, tiles, marble, etc.
  • Although these pads can be used dry, it gives the best result when used wet.
  • The pads are easy to install as well as change given to its abrasive back stitcher.
  • It also features high-quality nylon that can be repeatedly torn and pasted as per your requirement. 
  • Few buyers complained about the higher grit pads (3000 and 6000) as their performance was not up to the mark.

3. Polishsurf Diamond Polishing Pads for Granite Polishsurf Diamond Polishing Pads for Granite

Many brands have come up with their polishing pads kit, but only some made it to this list as we considered several parameters for providing only the ones that are truly the best granite polishing pads. And this brand Polishsurf offers a kit if 11 polishing pads along with one rubber hook. Like the options given above, this set also contains pads of different grits and one velcro backing pad. As all the pads have high diamond powder concentration, it provides the shiny finish after completing the polishing process.

  • The kit has more number of low grit pads to work with granite, quartz, stone, or concrete polishing.
  • All the polishing pads are color-coded as per their grit for easy identification while working.
  • The rubber backing pad is specially designed to work with several types of surfaces that include marble, granite, terrazzo, and travertine.
  • The polishing pads in this kit are flexible and can be used on all types of edges.
  • It also comes with a free ebook that can help you know the polishing techniques and step-by-step procedures for the process.
  • The kit doesn’t come with polishing pads with grits higher than 1500. 

4. Tanzfrosch Diamond Polishing Pads SetTanzfrosch Diamond Polishing Pads Set

Another excellent alternative for getting a complete kit for granite polishing pads is this one by Tranzfrosch. The kit includes ten polishing pads of 4-inches each in different grit starting from 50 to 3000. The package also contains two hook pieces, a loop backing pad, and two shank pieces. It is recommended to operate these polishing pads between 2500 to 5000 RPM to avoid the potential damage caused to the surface. The pads are color-coded as per their grit size for easy identification. 

  • The pads are made with premium quality diamond powder impregnated in resin to assure its durability and efficiency.
  • As the pads have velcro backs, it is easy to attach and remove them from the grinder or sander.
  • The polishing pads work well for different surfaces such as stone, granite, marble, tiles, etc.
  • One can use these pads dry as well as with water to get better results for polishing purposes.
  • All the polishing pads are sharp and wear-resistant.
  • The polishing pads do not have great results for polishing the tiles.


5. OCR Diamond Polishing Pad Set for Granite OCR Diamond Polishing Pad Set for Granite

The last option on this list is a granite polishing pads kit that comes with ten diamond polishing pads, one backing pad, and a screw. All the polishing pads are of different grit to give you the option of using different grits depending upon the surface you are working with. The kit delivers excellent performance for works like wet marble polishing, wet granite polishing, etc. 

  • The polishing pads are made using high-quality diamond powder and resin powder to ensure their durability and high performance.
  • The color-coded backers make it easy to identify the grit of the polishing pad.
  • It is an excellent value for the deal as it is low cost but offers extraordinary performance.
  • The buyers can use this kit for polishing concrete, stone, granite, and marble.
  • It also works well for polishing terrazzo surfaces with a glossy finish.
  • The polishing pads might not deliver the desired results for marble polishing.


Concluding Remarks

All the above-mentioned granite polishing pads kit work efficiently in polishing the granite stone along with other surfaces. Although most of these alternatives are similar in terms of grit sizes and the built-quality, some have the grits up to 3000 while some only have till 1500. Depending upon your requirement, you can finalize the option as tile polishing needs the polishing pads with higher grit size. So consider this factor while making the purchase. 

Also, it is suggested to use pads with higher grits wet to get the best results. I would recommend the second option of the SPTA granite polishing pad kit as it has the highest grit size of 6000. Apart from this option, others also do the job and are in the affordable range too. 

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