Best Sanding Belt for Metal – Top-rated Wide Belt Sander for Metal Finishing

When you are working on metal, one of the most important things to do after giving it a shape is to provide finishing touches to the structure. Without proper finishing, the detail won’t be visible, making the framework look incomplete. To get the best finishing result, you need to pick a sanding belt for metal. Using correct sandpaper will make the job easier and also smooth the rough surface and sharp edges. Sanding belts for metal differ from regular belts as they have more amount of aluminum grit, are thicker and wider in shape. Looking for such a product online can be a task, which is why we have accumulated a list of wide belt sander for metal finishing work.

Best Sanding Belts

1. POWERTEC 110680 Premium Sanding BeltPOWERTEC 110680 Premium Sanding Belt

The POWERTEC 110680 is a premium quality sanding belt designed to work on woods and non-ferrous metals. Made of a dense coat of aluminum oxide, it smoothes the surface without losing its grit. The dimension of the Powetec110680 is 4 x 36 inch and the grit range is 40/ 60/ 80 / 100/ 120/ 150/ 180/ 240/ 320/ 400. Apart from this, it is a great performer, durable, value for money, and resist moisture and heat. The best part about this particular wide belt sander for metal finishing is that one can use it on a wet surface.

POWERTEC 110680 Sandpaper pack comes with these following features:

  • This sandpaper comes 80 grit size, which is ideal for work and metalwork.

  • It can be used on sanding machines as well as directly on the surfaces like fiberglass, plastic, wood, rubber, aluminum, and non-ferrous metals.

  • Premium quality built, this belt resists a lot of moisture and heat.

  • The dimension on Powertec 110680 is 4 x 36 inch making it ideal form most of the craftsmanship work.


2. M-jump Aluminum Oxide Sanding BeltM-jump Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belt

M-jump is a very renowned sandbelt manufacturing company. The M-jump sanding belts are among the products professionals like to use. The built of these sandpapers is of excellent quality, making it best for aluminum, non-ferrous metal, stone, wood, rubber, glass, etc. The package contains sanding belts for metal in size of 60 / 80 / 120 / 150 / 240 / 400 Grits.

M-jump Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belt comes with these following features:

  • Manufactured with high-quality Aluminum Oxide, the sandpaper works on all types of metals, wood, glass, plastic, stone, etc.

  • The product is washable, antistatic, and have a longer shelf life.

  • One can make full and narrow belts with the pack of 12 in 60 / 80 / 120 / 150 / 240 / 400 Grits.


3. Sackorange Carbide Sanding BeltsSackorange Carbide Sanding Belts

If you are looking for a high grit sanding belt for steelwork, then Sackorange Carbide Sanding Belts will work best for you. These are the premium quality waterproof sandpapers that work well on both wet and dry surfaces. Apart from working on light metals, it also performs well on stone, granite, cement, glass, etc. With Silicon carbide grain, the belts have bi-directional, layers of resin bonding and anti-clogging stearate to increase the shelf life of the product.

Sackorange Carbide Sanding Belts comes with these following features:

  • Sackorange sandpapers are waterproof, and as it has high-grade silicon carbide grit, you can use it to smoother all types of metal surfaces.

  • The package contains an assortment of 6 types of sanding belts of 240 / 400 / 600 / 800 / 1000 Grits.

  • The tape is bi-directional, so one can use it in both directions to shape the surface.

  • Easy to use on wet and dry surfaces.

  • The sandpaper has heavy backing, which increases its shelf life.


4. Aiyard Aluminum Oxide Sanding BeltsAiyard Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belts

If you are looking for best sanding belts with a higher amount of grit, then invest in Aiyard Aluminum Oxide sandpaper. The company offers sandpapers of 40/80/120/150/240/400 grit size. Use the one as per the metal job and the surface. The pack also contains sandpaper with 400 grit for the smoothening roughest surface.

Aiyard Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belts comes with the following features:

  • The sander belt contains high-quality aluminum oxide grit and polyester cloth backing that makes the sandpaper long-lasting.

  • The belt sander is 6×48 inches with bi-directional tape join, giving you the freedom to use it in every direction without tearing into pieces.

  • Each box contains one sandpaper of 40/80/120/150/240/400 grit.

  • These papers are suitable for smoothening and thin plastic, aluminum, rubber, wood, and non-ferrous metals.


5. Red Label Abrasives Zirconia Alumina Belts

Red Label Abrasives Zirconia Alumina Belts

Another famous brand that makes sanding belts is the Red Label who uses Abrasives Zirconia Alumina Belts that work on every surface and apt if you are working on metals. These are premium quality sandpapers for the deburring of ferrous or non-ferrous metals. If you want sanding belts at pocket-friendly rates but should have a longer shelf life, then Red Label sander belts will be the best choice for you.

Red Label Abrasives Zirconia Alumina Belts comes with these following features:

  • Each pack contains 40, 80, and 120 grit sandpaper with heavy-duty Zirconia alumina grain.

  • They-weight polyester cloth backing makes this sandpaper easy to use without having a fear of tearing apart.

  • Anti-clogging stearate reduce built-ups making the scrubbing easy

  • Use on the wet or dry application for deburring of ferrous or non-ferrous metals



So, here is a small but helpful list of best sanding belts available online. We have tried to keep the products that contain high quality of grit, so your work on metal or any other types of the surface becomes easy. Most of the products come in multi-pack, so you get access to sander belts with different grits. Let us know in the comments with the sander belt you will pick, or do you prepare a brand that needs to be on the list.

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