Best Sanding Block for Auto Body – Top Reviewed Sanding Blocks by Experts

Best Sanding Block for Auto Body

If you are having your own hardware workshop or just started to work part-time, it’s essential that you must know about each and every tool which is used there. Today we are talking about sanding blocks. They are actually a kind of wooden blocks specially designed for sanding the surfaces to remove dents and scratches. Mostly they are used for sanding auto body parts while painting and to smoothen the surface.  

Why should you need to use sanding blocks?

When you use a palm sanding machine, it will not evenly sand the surface of the auto body. This is due to issues of proper distribution of pressure over the surface. The solution to this problem is to use a sanding block. Sanding blocks evenly distribute the pressure over the surface, which helps in the more accurate filling over the surface. 

Also, with a palm sander, it isn’t easy to sand edges and corners of an auto body. But sanding blocks come in different sizes and shapes. By using them, you can easily sand every edge and corners of your auto body of any size very easily. 

Below in this article, we have discussed the top 5 sanding blocks that are recommended by our experts. So do read this article till the end to find the best one for you.

Top 5 Sanding Block for Auto Body


1. Dura-Block AF44A Black Sanding Block SetDura-Block AF44A Black Sanding Block Set

The Dura-Block is a 6-piece set of sanding blocks that includes small and long sanding blocks. It includes 1-piece AF4404, 1-piece AF4401, 2-piece AF4405, 1-piece AF4400 and 1 piece AF4402. This kit will help you in sanding every part of your auto body. 

  • It uses Pressure Sensitive Adhesive technology to hold the sandpaper firmly.
  • It is perfect for sanding large panels and hoods of trucks.
  • With this kit, you can sand flat as well as curved surfaces.
  • It digs into the filling material to make it smooth with less effort.
  • It is used worldwide by professionals for sanding the auto body.
  • For a beginner, it might be confusing to select the perfect sand block among the six for work.


2. Warner Sanding Block Hand Sander, 34436AWarner Sanding Block Hand Sander

The Warner Sanding Block is a plastic build auto body sanding block. With this, you can do quick touch-ups on the surfaces. If you are a beginner working on a project or just learning to sand surfaces, then this product will be the perfect one for you. 

  • It works on flat surfaces, corners, and curves.
  • It is perfect for light-duty auto bodywork.
  • It has dimples runner texture to adjust for the surface imperfections.
  • It has a quick load and unloads mechanism for standard sandpaper.
  • It is lightweight and comes with easy to handle grip on top of it.
  • This product is not built for professionals who require heavy work to be done.


3. Motor Guard Sb-1 Soft Block Sanding BlockMotor Guard Sb-1 Soft Block Sanding Block

This sanding block by Motor Guard is the ultimate solution for removing dents and scratches from your auto body. This block is built with a unique design to reduced the damage of paint on the surface. This is the best sanding block for curved or irregular shaped surfaces as it can be bent according to the surface. 

  • It uses less material consumption and increases your productivity with the paint department.
  • It is a soft sanding block that smoothers your auto body with ease.
  • It is a dual-sided sanding block with a double density block.
  • With fewer slides to your autobody, it will recover more of the dents and scratches.
  • It can also be used for home improvements and woodworking.
  • Due to its small size, it is not preferred to use this sanding block on large surfaces.


4. Aouker HS85180 Hand Sander with HandleAouker HS85180 Hand Sander with Handle

Aouker hand sander is another plastic build sanding block for auto bodywork. It can be used for household purposes as well as professional work. It is perfect for standard sandpaper. It also has a sponge pad, which is to be placed between the sanding block and sandpaper to avoid damage to the sand block during usage.

  • It has a long handle on it, which is covered with a sponge to provide a comfortable handgrip.
  • It is perfect for drywall sanding on flat surfaces of metal as well as wood.
  • It comes with metal clips that help in clamping the sandpaper firmly on the surface.
  • It will help you to finish surfaces that can’t be managed with machines.
  • It can support sandpaper of size equivalent to one-third of a 9 x 11 inches standard sheet.
  • Having a broad flat base, it might cause difficulty while sanding small curved edges.


5. Warner Plastic Pole Sander Head, Female Threaded, 3410496Warner Plastic Pole Sander Head, Female Threaded

Warner is a US-based company established in 1927. Earlier, they used to make soft knife handles. After a few years, they started making other hardware tools. The sanding block is one of the most popular products of Warner in the US. It is known for its premium quality.

  • It is built-up of plastic, which helps to male this sanding block lighter and flexible.
  • It has a professional quality form pad attached to it for comfort usage.
  • It has stainless wire clips over the sides to holds standard die-cut sandpaper properly.
  • It comes with a swivel head, which helps in sanding surface contact without head tipping or rocking.
  • Also, with this sanding block, you can add threaded extension poles up to 3/4 inches.

  • It might take some time for you to get adjusted while sanding with extension poles attached to it.


Which is the best suitable grit size of sandpaper for you?

The selection of grit size is very important if you want to be the best in your work. The grit size totally depends on the particular job you are trying to accomplish. It is preferred to use 80- to 120-grit size sandpaper for removing small imperfections and smoothing surfaces. For heavy stripping and sanding, it is preferred to use 40- to 60-grit size of sandpaper. For finishing and smoothing of surface, you can use sandpaper with 360- to 600-grit size sandpaper.

Also, for some specific sanding techniques, you will require sandpaper of all three categories. These techniques are called “go through the grits” technique. Here initially, the sanding starts with lower-grade grits, and slowly the grit size is increased with higher-grade grits size. This technique helps in removing scratches of the precious grit layer. The professionals commonly use this technique for sanding the auto body.

The Bottom Line

All the sanding blocks discussed above in this article are the best, according to the experts. But if you still have confusion in selecting the best auto body sanding block for you, then we would recommend you Dura-Block AF44A Black Sanding Block Set. We hope you liked reading this article. Please stay connected with us and enjoy sanding. It’s very satisfying. 🙂

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