How to cut Granite with a Grinder: Safe Cutting Guide for You

How to cut Granite with a Grinder: Safe Cutting Guide for You

Granite is one of the popular materials used for house construction as well as commercial construction. It is durable and is not brittle like other natural stones or rocks that are available naturally. The stone also adds to the beauty and elegance of the place. The granite is one of the hardest stones and that makes it difficult to cut. The professionals or technicians know the techniques to cut the stone with ease due to their years of experience.

How to cut Granite with a Grinder

Many people like to use a circular saw or a grinder to cut the stone precisely. Using an angled grinder can give better results and also make your work easy. A beginner or people with no experience might find it challenging to cut this stone due to its hard surface. If you are searching for a guide to help you with cutting granite with a grinder, then this article will help you with the same. I am going to describe the step-by-step procedure to carve the granite with ease. Ready? Firstly collect all the materials and tools required for this procedure:

  1. A diamond-impregnated blade and grinder
  2. Granite stone
  3. Safety mask
  4. Masking tape
  5. Straightedge, pens and measuring tape
  6. Sponge and water

Note: A simple hand grinder might not be efficient in doing the job of cutting the stone accurately, and hence you can opt for an electric grinder. If you are choosing an electric grinder, make sure you select the one that works at 1100 pm. Standard blades will not be able to cut the stone and hence, you will need diamond impregnated blades for cutting the granite. The diamond cutting blades are sharper than the regular ones, which are ideal for cutting the hard surface such as granite.

Step 1: Prep yourself

Prep yourself

Cutting any stone produces a lot of dust that can irritate your skin and cause respiratory problems. For avoiding such situations wear safety masks and goggles. Never wear a safety glove while operating a machine or tool as it can become a hindrance in your process. Also, it is better to perform this procedure outdoors to keep the dust out caused due to cutting the stone. 

Step 2: Set and arrange everything

Set and arrange everything

Once you are all set, collect all the materials and keep them handy. Before starting the cutting process, it is vital to fix the granite stone on a firm and flat surface. Place the stone on a table or some support to avoid the cuts on your floor. 

Step 3: Do the markings

Step 3: Do the markings

The next step is to take measurements for cutting the stone. Mark the lines on the stone according to the measurements you have taken. You can use a straightedge to draw lines or locate the points on granite for making cuts. A lot of people prefer using masking tape and stick it onto the stone so that they don’t mess up with markings while cutting. For a better visibility, draw a straight line with a marker on the masking tape to get perfect markings on the stone for making cuts.

Step 4: Turn the grinder on

Turn the grinder on

Attach the blades to the grinder and turn it on. The wheel blades generally used for this type of cutting are approximately 4 inches in width. If you are using the grinder for the first time, then I would suggest you watch some videos or tutorials to know how to operate the grinder. Make sure you are wearing a dust mask and start cutting the stone according to the markings or masking tape on the stone. Apply a little pressure and begin by just making shallow and small cuts on granite. Make sure that the granite doesn’t move and avoid removing it once you start the process to get the uniform and precisely cut stone.

Step 5: Cool down the blade

See to it that you make partial cuts only to avoid the over-heating of the blade. You can also take small breaks to let the blade cool down. If the blade is heated, then switch off the grinder for a while. Cooldown the granite’s surface by using a damp sponge and let the water drip onto the stone. You can also let the water drip on and blade to reduce its temperature. Using a wet sponge helps to bring the blade and stone to the normal temperature.

Step 6: Complete the procedure

Resume the cutting process once the blade is at its proper temperature. Make full deep cuts on the stone through the markings periodically instead of cutting the stone in one pass. The cuts should be ½ inch deep. Now with the help of a drill, make holes of up to 1.25 inches along with the markings. Once the cuts are made, detach the piece along the marking. Be careful while doing this entire procedure as granite can break if it falls on the ground.

Concluding Remarks

Avoid using blunt blades to cut the stone as it will not do the work properly and also cause fatigue to the user. If you find it difficult to clamp the stone on the surface, ask for some help and set it on a smooth surface. See to it that grinder is cooled down and doesn’t heat too much. Vacuum the room or space where you have carried out the process to avoid respiratory problems and irritation caused due to the stone dust. I hope you can cut the stone easily with the help of the above-stated procedure.

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