Ryobi Belt Sander Review: Top Tools Reviewed

Ryobi Belt Sander Review

Being a professional, I have tried and tested almost every sander. My recent addition is Ryobi Belt Sander. It is a fun tool to use, and I believe that every worker should give it a chance to prove its worth. This article is all about Ryobi Belt Sander Review. It will help you to find all the answers to the queries you have been wondering since the launching of the latest Ryobi models. Keep calm and read further. I know you are going to fall in love with this product. 🙂

Ryobi Cordless Belt Sander Review

Ryobi comes in my mind in a fraction of seconds when I think about the cordless belt sander. According to me, the Ryobi P450 is one of the best models I have come across from the last couple of years. You can use this wireless sander easily for many home improvement projects such as furniture or flooring. It works best for collecting dust because of its built-in bag. Apart from these, there are many other helpful features.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Ryobi has recently introduced the technology of brushless motors. Such motors can easily fit into the tool’s cordless lineup. 
  • Brushless motor is famous for its durability and smooth run compared to other machines. The belt width is around 3 inches, and the length is about 18 inches.
  • You can get more power from the batteries using the new Ryobi motor technology. It allows more time to use the sander and does not limit it.
  • This tool can be hooked up to a dry vacuum for the endless dust collection. It has a rubber grip and removes up to 325 grams of material per charge.
  • Even if you are sanding at 850 feet-per-minute, then also there are no such issues of comfort or convenience.
  • It also includes a 5-position pivoting pommel for a support handle. It provides maximum ergonomics without sliding up and down.
  • The motor is located at the front for equal weight distribution. Because of the side levers, it is easy to release the tension on the belt.
  • The kit includes a dust Bag, 80 grit sandpaper belt, an operator’s manual, and three years of limited warranty. 

Ryobi 18v Belt Sander’s Plus and Minus

Cordless Machine

When I first purchased this sander, I was confused between a few options. But when I tried corded and cord-free, both together, I came to realize that cordless is always a better option than the corded one. This feature is the biggest motivation to buy this one. 

Finishing Using 

I can guarantee that you can give the best finishing to your project with its five position pommel. Just keep the handle all the way up and adjust it accordingly. So, even if you are working on something against the verticle surface, you can easily sand any spots. Also, as I have mentioned earlier, the Ryobi Cordless Belt Sander comes with a little dust collection bag.

Lock Switch

Well, this is not an extra-ordinary feature, but I am glad that Ryobi also considers the option of the lock-on switch. The switch is helpful when you have to keep the sander steady for a longer period of time. Generally, the user may get the cramps after pressing the switch or holding it tightly while working. It really helps the user to control the machine more accurately and conveniently while you work. On the other hand, you just have to press the same button again, and it will quickly stop the sander.

Battery Life

If we talk about something negative about this sander, then let me tell you that Ryobi Cordless and Brushless Belt Sander drains the battery a little faster than others. You will have to plan your work and schedule your time according to battery life. Sanding requires labor from the machine, and the machine requires a battery! If you have extra batteries with you, you are ready to rock. 

I prefer to keep extra Ryobi batteries such as 18V Compact Lithium Battery or Ryobi One+ 18V High Capacity Lithium Battery. If you are the one who doesn’t like to keep extra batteries in your workplace, keep a check on the calendar to replace the batteries.

Flexible Speed

It is essential to have flexibility in the sanding tool. It provides comfort and makes a difference using the sanding machine. Unlike Ryobi’s competitor Ridgid, this tool doesn’t have the option of variable speed. Here, the trigger can only on and off the device but can’t adjust the speed of the Ryobi sanding tool. 

The Bottom Line

You may know that there are only two options of cordless sander available in the market. One is Ryobi, and another one is Ridgid. Both have their own pros and cons, with a cost difference of $25. Ridgid is a bit more expensive. Ryobi works best for small projects or maintenance and repair work you want to work at home. It is definitely more convenient than any other corded sander or tools. 

If you are a beginner, this can become your primary tool. Just keep in mind to check the batteries and have some extras around you. Also, don’t forget to keep the belt far so that the tool doesn’t start cutting through it. If you want a device that includes a strap that can be extended more and helps you with heavy lifting, it is recommended to go with some corded sanders. I hope this Ryobi Belt Sander Review helped you, and you have found all the necessary answers you were looking for! Hope you get all the success you deserve.

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